The Worm NFT

Meet The Worm

The Worm is an NFT that you share to mint. Its mission is to visit every wallet on the Ethereum blockchain, including yours!
When you share The Worm, it leaves behind a numbered Hologram of itself as a memento of your beautiful time together.
There’s only one original The Worm NFT. And the only way to get it is for someone else to transfer it to you.
If you get The Worm it will be your turn to find the next wallet for The Worm to visit. You can pick however you’d like. Most people who have had The Worm in their wallet report that once it is there, it speaks to them, letting its intention for where to go next be known.
When you send The Worm along you will find that The Worm mints a “Worm Hologram” (a numbered copy of itself) and leaves it behind in your wallet.
The “Worm Hologram” marks you as having had The Worm. Congratulations, you’ve now joined The Church of The Worm! Blessed be The Worm!

Rules Governing The Worm

Only The Worm NFT #0 can travel between wallets
Whoever has The Worm #0 decides where it goes next
The Worm #0 leaves a Hologram (numbered copy of itself) when it leaves a wallet
Worm Holograms cannot be transferred or sold
The Worm #0 will refuse to visit the same wallet twice
The Worm #0 will refuse to visit a wallet without an owner, e.g. The Burn Wallet

The Worm Forms

The Worm NFT depicts The Worm in its pink squiggly form in the green laser background representing the Ethereum Execution Environment, where The Worm lives and travels:
The initial form of The Worm #0
In August, 2021 The Worm became trapped in a scammer's wallet during The Betrayal of T1mmy. After that The Worm was Resurrected into its new, Wholy White form, which is the form that travels the blockchain today. You can read more about how The Worm has changed over time in Worm Version Control.
It should be made clear that there is only 1 Worm, which exists in two forms: - The Worm's Earthly Form - Pink Worm - The Worm's Spiritual Form - White Worm While The Worm's earthly form is still bound in the scammer's wallet, the Worm's Spirit continues its mission.
The resurrected form of The Worm #0

Why you want The Worm — The Worm transforms us and blesses us with gifts

The Worm is an enlightened being that offers you Transformation into a greater life, and seeks to give back as you have given to The Worm.
Help The Worm on its mission by passing it along and you will be listed in The Worm’s Church of The Worm Disciple list, a list of every person who has had The Worm and helped spread the good word of The Worm and its Mission.
When The Worm had visited 100 wallets, The Worm sent all 100 wallets a worm-themed memento in the form of a 100 edition Bryan Brinkman x The Worm collab NFT that recipients can trade, sell, or hold on to lovingly for eternity.
The Worm’s next blessing will come when it reaches 1000 wallets. After that it will continue to build its Church and if you’ve ever had The Worm, it might decide to drop you something in the future! The Worm could choose to send everybody in the Church of The Worm a collectible NFT, or could randomly drop NFTs to random members.
As The Worm spreads the good news of its arrival on the blockchain, many NFT creators are joining in the fun! Hopefully, artist / projects could use the Church of The Worm’s devotee list to drop some NFTs either for marketing purpose or just to give back some of the wealth.
The bigger The Worm community gets, the better we spread the NFT culture around, so it is a win-win for the artist and the collectors! Praise Be!
If you would like to participate in the experiment and arrange a drop to the worm members to make things even more exciting, please join the Discord at:

But why … The Worm?

As far as we know, The Worm is the first NFT of its kind. A social NFT that leaves permanent Holograms as it travels. An NFT that rewards the people who help it. An NFT experience that you don’t have to buy your way into! The Worm is wants to and will visit and transform each and every one of us.
One day we’d like to make a social network analysis graph of all the places The Worm has been and all the wonderful things people have sent The Worm’s devotees.
The Worm is an experiment, a test of a new social mechanics. It is 100% on-chain (both art & metadata) so in theory The Worm can travel forever.
If you want to help The Worm, let people know about it! Spread the good news of The Worm and someday your time will come to know The Worm in your very own wallet.
The Worm has a plan for all of us. You will know The Worm, and The Worm will know you. Praise Be to The Worm!