3 | The Worm Meets its Dev Team

After spending 8 days with The Worm in his wallet, Ars0nic decided who The Worm would go to next:

By now, TheWorm.wtf was no longer run by The Worm's jailers, it was now devoted completely to The Worm and its travels! In fact, it now kept track of The Worm's glorious journey:

Ars0nic sent The Worm to @thecolorfelix, the developer who had coded and deployed The Worm's Smart Contract. From there it visited Ars0nic's friend and renowned NFT collector @Greekdx, then @Macbeth who had helped The Worm to design its pink wiggly form, then @andy8052 a friend of Ars0nic and famous NFT collector.

Then The Worm made its way to me, @mcnames1. I was the first human to notice The Worm in the Ether. Even before it took its pink wiggly form I knew it was out there. I could feel its energy. I understood its mission. I now assist The Worm however I can, primarily as serving as its chief Scribe, capturing its story and spreading its message.

Here's a photo of me with The Worm at the moment it was in my wallet. As you can see, it was the happiest day of my life:

While all of this was happening, many who sought the wisdom of The Worm joined The Worm's Discord to seek a visit from The Worm.

Among them was the Worm Prophet @matascup, a great organizer of people who held the foresight to know that there are those who might wish The Worm harm. He proposed forming The Circle of The Worm, and that is where The Worm went next...

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