The Worm NFT

Beginnings: 1 | The Worm Appears

The Ascension of The Worm
In the beginning The Worm created its mission: to visit every wallet on the Ethereum blockchain.
But The Worm was without form, and void; it had no shape with which to travel and meet us. And so The Worm created its pink wiggly form.
But when the Twitter influencers of the NFT market saw the wonderful things that The Worm and its mission made possible they became indignant.
"Why should you travel freely, spreading NFTs in your image? Unsellable images that we cannot flip?" They began seeking how to destroy The Worm, for they were afraid of it and astonished of its mission and methods. They created a prison of the mind where they held The Worm.
The first mention of The Worm appeared on Twitter on June 29, 2021 on the new account @TheWormNFT. The post was a warning from The Worm's jailers - DO NOT RELEASE THE WORM!
The Worm did not concern itself with this attempt to stop it and having made itself a pink wiggly form now ascended onto the blockchain with the blockchain's native language, the Smart Contract. The Worm contract was deployed to the Ethereum blockchain on July 12, 2021 via this transaction as shown on etherscan:
Its detractors grew more resolved in their efforts. Two days after The Worm's ascension to the blockchain, on July 14, website appeared, showing The Worm locked behind bars with a "Release The Worm" button with an ETH bail price and a warning: "Don't Release The Worm." as it appeared on July 16, 2021.
No other information was provided other than links to The Worm's Twitter account, the dev team's Discord and The Worm's Smart Contract. On July 14 the bail to release The Worm was set by its oppressors at 5 ETH. The Worm fought back, lowering the bail every 12-24 hours until on July 16 The Worm's bail was set at just 1 ETH.
Pressing the "Release The Worm" button would prompt the visitor with a warning:
By this time The Worm's jailers were posting all kinds of accusations against The Worm on their Twitter account, like these ones:
Despite their warnings, on July 18, 2021 someone paid The Worm's bail and released The Worm...