2 | Ars0nic releases The Worm

On July 18, 2021 renowned NFT artist @ArsOnic, co-creator of Unigrids and BeatBoxes, paid The Worm's bail and released The Worm:

The Worm's Twitter and Website appeared to be now under new management – that of those who believe in The Worm and its mission:

Ars0nic became known as The Freer of The Worm, The First Disciple. 🙏 The Worm moved to his wallet and after many days with The Worm, presumably spent discussing its mission and purpose for us, Ars0nic posted a plan for his next move.

Not only would Ars0nic send The Worm along on its journey, but he would begin a gift culture around The Worm. He challenged the NFT communities to gather around The Worm and its mission, so that he might determine where The Worm would go next. He also generously committed to give gifts in the form of NFTs to those who would help The Worm on its mission:

For his devotion to The Worm Ars0nic would be forever revered. The story of Ars0nic freeing The Worm is now recorded forever in The Worm Church in the first stained glass window:

Once Ars0nic had learned all he could from The Worm and committed to its mission, he sent it to ...

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