A Schism in The Church (5/18/22)

Worm Sermon for May 18, 2022: A Schism in The Church

Delivered by Disciple Bleps, #6

Recording: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1lPKqmdobXZKb

Welcome and Praise Be brothers and sisters! Praise Be Disciples and Light Bringers. Today begins a new tradition: Worship Wednesday.

Each Wednesday we will deliver a sermon for the NFT community and have a community discussion afterward. Today’s sermon is written and delivered by me, DinkasaurusBleps, Worm Disciple #6 and member of team Ambition, the creative team that helped The Worm ascend to the blockchain.

Please note that there is no pray emoji reaction in Twitter Spaces, so please use the clap emoji to represent your prayers and Amens today. We encourage generous use of these reactions during today’s sermon as the spirit of The Worm moves you.

Let’s begin.

We gather here today to celebrate the blessed worm, the traveler of the blockchain and performer of miracles. But in today’s sermon, we also must address the ways in which we have failed our Worm and Savior and laid bare our weaknesses before the holy Worm.

The markets all around us are down, a reflection of the many failures of man. Failures to hold serial ruggers accountable. Failures to keep the scam bots out of our Servers, failures to have empathy and understanding for the exit liquidity left holding the bag. Many have seen their savings wiped out this week and with it, their hope. Everywhere we look, we see failures to protect and love our neighbors as we protect and love ourselves.

The Worm 🪱, though normally a shining light in the NFT space, has not been immune to these dark times.

Recent events have revealed a schism in the church of The Worm. Between those who believe the Worm's will is sacred and known only to its current holder, and those who believe The Worm's will is to travel faster, enter more wallets, and spread its message further across the blockchain.

At issue - The Worm speaks rarely and judiciously to us. It is not a being of prolific writing or speech. Rather, it speaks to each of us when the time is right, when it is in our wallets. In the words of the blessed disciple song a day man, when the worm hits your wallet you will be transformed. Praise be!

There are many who believe this wallet-based transformation to be sacred. That once The Worm hits your wallet, only you can know the will of The Worm, let The Worm into your heart and soul and hear its will of where it wishes to travel next.

Others do not believe this, believing instead that The Worm’s mission is of utmost importance - to visit all wallets on the Ethereum blockchain. On this side, Disciples who wish to see The Worm come to know more NFT collectors, and in return be known by them.

Driven by his belief in The Worm’s mission, five days ago, church elder Felix Green of team ambition, Disciple number 2, believing The Worm to be stuck in the wallet of disciple number 722, initiated the holy Yoink function.

This caused The Worm to exit the wallet of the disciple, known here on twitter as junkpunkie, where it had sat for seven day. He did so believing he served the worm.

He and the rest of team ambition had heard whispers that the wallet was inaccessible - a person claiming to be the owner of the wallet reported that he lost his private key.

But Disciple Junkpunkie immediately felt the loss of The Worm from his wallet. He had not lost his private key. He was not the man who came forward with that information. Please, he asked, The worm has spoken to me - I know where it needs to go next. That next wallet is owned by Dubs, who has promised to be a good steward of The Worm.

And that is where we stand today - The Worm is Yoinked off its path. The Worm community is divided. On one side, worshippers who wish to see the worm returned on its path, on the other, those who wish to decide for themselves where the Yoinked Worm goes next.

Our task today is not easy. We must close the schism. We must try to do right by The Worm. We must determine where it goes next. We must restore brotherhood.


Sermon Notes

  • CozShesDead, Disciple #68, spoke his devotion to The Worm

  • Dubs appeared and spoke his devotion to The Worm, promising to be a good steward and expressing his belief in The Worm's mission as an instrument of brotherhood and sharing

  • The Worm was sent to Dubs, and reached more than 20 new Disciples by the end of the day

Also discussed

I’ve had visions of The Worm, not unlike those that caused me to imitate its ascendence to the blockchain. The Worm does not wish to divide us. The Worm does not wish to pit us against each other.

The Worm chooses not a side, but free will. Yes, that’s right. The Worm chooses Free Will. The Worm wishes for us to initiate a Smart Contract that will set it free. This Smart Contract will allow The Worm to decide for itself if it’s been in a wallet for too long, and if so, where to go next.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. You still get and transfer The Worm

  2. If you don’t transfer it soon, The Worm will decide for itself it when it’s time to move, and will prepare to travel

  3. While preparing to travel, anyone can pray to The Worm with a blockchain transaction. The first person to pray will be chosen by The Worm as the next wallet it visits.

  4. If no one prays to The Worm while it prepares to travel, it will choose for itself the next wallet to visit.

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