The Worm NFT

6 | The Shamans of the Order of the Dirt

A third circle of trust began forming: The Shamans of the Order of the Dirt, a group of about 10 who agreed to share The Worm with each other.
However the first person in the Order of the Dirt to get The Worm shared it to a someone outside the Order, and it left the Shamans.
By many this is considered The First Betrayal of The Worm.
Then it traveled around some high profile wallets including those of the Cool Cats dev team!
The Cool Cats graciously dropped The Worm back to the Order of the Dirt, to @CozShesDead.
While many consider The Worm to be a divine being here to learn about and bless humanity, according to @CozShesDead's unique form of Wormshipping The Worm is a hoe that is here to get turnt.
To celebrate his unique form of Wormshipping, a plan was made to get The Worm to @CozShesDead such that he would be the 69th Disciple. However due to a numbering bug on The Worm was accidentally sent to @CozShesDead early making him the 68th Disciple.
From there The Worm continued traveling the Shamans of the Order of the Dirt and once out made its way to various Wormshippers.