The Worm NFT

5 | The Stewards of The Worm

At the end of the Circle of The Worm sat @smaroo, tasked with the heavy burden of determining The Worm’s next step. Heavy is the head that wears The Worm.
Hoping to receive The Worm, began creating
memes like this one
​@smaroo decided to continue raising awareness of The Worm by requiring 100 retweets on his Twitter thread about The Worm before passing The Worm along.
Ultimately @smaroo got the attention he wanted for The Worm, and released The Stewards of The Worm, a list of 13 people who are expected to pass The Worm to one another in a specified order:
The Stewards of The Worm used this image to plan and communicate who was in the circle and who they needed to pass The Worm to next
Seeking The Worm, the community's meme and fan art game was strong:
Worm Meme by @mcnames1
Worm meme by BeerdadB.eth
Worm Meme by @MyAhmazingLife
Worm fan NFT by @coachmcguirk
Worm Pie by @sugar
Most of the people chosen came from The Worm’s Discord channel, but a few outsiders were added as well, including one at the end of the Stewards list. As this person is responsible for determining The Worm’s next steps (should The Worm actually make it to that person), this prompted ongoing discussion of what should happen toward the end of the Steward’s time with The Worm.
Ultimately, The Worm made it to the Stewards:
And then ... The Worm kept going...