The Worm NFT

Dangers to The Worm

Whoever has The Worm decides where it goes next. Because of this, we believe The Worm faces several dangers that may slow down or stop its progress on its mission:
Whoever has The Worm decides never to send it along
Whoever has The Worm loses their seed phrase and cannot access their wallet to send The Worm
The person who has The Worm doesn't know they have it, or doesn't know what to do with it

Suggestions for Safe Worm Travel

Never send The Worm to a wallet you don't recognize
Double check the address of the wallet you are sending The Worm to
Form circles of trust like the Circle of The Worm
Don't accept offers on The Worm from someone you don't know
Or do all that ... we are not the boss of you. If you get The Worm you decide...