4 | The Circle of The Worm

The Oath Matas proposed was:

If the Worm enters the circle through my wallet I hereby commit to passing it along the Circle of Worm, clockwise, within 3 days and to no one else until the Circle is complete. I commit to never attempting to trade or sell the Worm. I commit to honoring these rules as my name is Matas.

There were 10 who gave the Oath, forming the Circle of The Worm:

Much was said about having faith in The Worm:

With the Circle locked, I sent The Worm to Matas.

The sharing began.

The Circle of The Worm was completed unbroken. Welllll … almost unbroken. One in the circle sent The Worm to someone outside the circle, but that person sent it to the next in the circle. Forgiveness was sought, and received.

As The Worm travelled around the circle, those outside The Worm community began to take notice:

Having demonstrated the Circle or Pact model for safe Worm travel, new circles of trust began to form...

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